elements Definition

  • 1a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic
  • 2a group of people of a particular kind within a larger organization

Using elements: Examples

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    The elements of a good story include conflict, character development, and resolution.

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    The marketing department is one of the key elements of the company.

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    The periodic table lists all the known elements in the universe.

elements Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using elements

  • in one's element

    doing something that one is naturally suited for or enjoys


    The athlete was in his element during the competition.

  • out of one's element

    uncomfortable or unfamiliar with a situation or environment


    The city boy was out of his element on the farm.

  • the most important or fundamental parts of something


    The basic elements of a healthy lifestyle include exercise, sleep, and a balanced diet.

Phrases with elements

  • the basic principles or fundamental parts of something


    The elements of design include color, shape, and texture.

  • the unexpected factor that adds excitement or interest to a situation


    The magician's performance was impressive because of the element of surprise.

  • a factor that makes something uncertain or questionable


    The lack of evidence introduced an element of doubt into the case.

Origins of elements

from Latin 'elementum', meaning 'a first principle'


Summary: elements in Brief

The term 'elements' [ˈɛlɪmənts] refers to essential or characteristic parts or aspects of something abstract. It can also refer to groups of people within a larger organization. Examples of elements include conflict, character development, and resolution in a story, and the marketing department as a key element of a company. Idioms like 'in one's element' and 'out of one's element' describe comfort or discomfort in a situation or environment.