embracement Definition

  • 1the act of embracing or the state of being embraced
  • 2acceptance or support of an idea, belief, or cause

Using embracement: Examples

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  • Example

    The mother's embracement of her child was heartwarming.

  • Example

    The embracement of new technology is essential for the company's growth.

  • Example

    The community showed their embracement of diversity by organizing a cultural festival.

embracement Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with embracement

  • in someone's embracement

    in someone's arms, being hugged


    She felt safe and loved in her mother's embracement.

  • acceptance and adaptation to new circumstances or ideas


    The company's embracement of change allowed them to stay competitive in the market.

  • acceptance and celebration of differences in race, culture, religion, etc.


    The school's embracement of diversity created a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds.


Summary: embracement in Brief

Embracement [em-brey-suh-muhnt] refers to the act of embracing or the state of being embraced, as well as acceptance or support of an idea, belief, or cause. It can be seen in physical embraces, like 'in someone's embracement,' or in more abstract contexts, such as 'embracement of change' or 'embracement of diversity.'