emit Definition

  • 1to send out gas, heat, light, sound, etc. into the air or into space
  • 2to produce and discharge something, especially a gas

Using emit: Examples

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  • Example

    The chimney emitted thick smoke.

  • Example

    The flowers emitted a sweet fragrance.

  • Example

    The machine emits a high-pitched noise when it's running.

  • Example

    The car emits less pollution than older models.

emit Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for emit

Phrases with emit

  • to give off light


    The stars emit light that we can see from Earth.

  • to give off energy in the form of particles or waves


    The nuclear reactor emits dangerous radiation.

  • to make a sound


    The alarm clock emits a loud beeping sound.

Origins of emit

from Latin 'emittere', meaning 'send out'


Summary: emit in Brief

To 'emit' [iˈmɪt] means to send out gas, heat, light, sound, or other substances into the air or space. It can also mean to produce and discharge something, such as a gas. Examples include 'The chimney emitted thick smoke' and 'The flowers emitted a sweet fragrance.' 'Emit' is often used in scientific contexts, such as 'The nuclear reactor emits dangerous radiation.'

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