[ig-zood, -zyood]

exude Definition

  • 1to discharge or emit (a liquid, smoke, etc.) gradually or slowly in small quantities
  • 2to exhibit in abundance; radiate

Using exude: Examples

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  • Example

    The flowers exuded a sweet fragrance.

  • Example

    The wound exuded pus.

  • Example

    She exuded confidence and charm.

  • Example

    The painting exudes a sense of calm.

exude Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using exude

  • to give off a particular impression or atmosphere


    The old mansion exuded an air of mystery and intrigue, drawing in curious visitors.

  • to display a joyful and contented demeanor


    She exuded happiness on her wedding day, radiating joy and love to all around her.

  • to display a commanding and authoritative presence


    The CEO exuded power and confidence, inspiring respect and admiration from his employees.

Phrases with exude

  • to display an attractive quality that makes people like you


    She exudes charm and charisma, making her a popular figure in social gatherings.

  • to display a strong belief in oneself and one's abilities


    He exudes confidence in his public speaking, captivating the audience with his words.

  • to display a friendly and welcoming demeanor


    The hostess exuded warmth, making her guests feel comfortable and at home.

Origins of exude

from Latin 'exsūdāre', meaning 'to sweat out'


Summary: exude in Brief

The verb 'exude' [ig-zood, -zyood] means to emit or discharge gradually, as in liquids or smoke, or to exhibit in abundance. It can be used to describe physical phenomena like fragrance or pus, as well as personal qualities like confidence or charm. Phrases like 'exude an air of something' and idioms like 'exude power' extend its meaning to encompass impressions and atmospheres.