emptiness Definition

  • 1the state of containing nothing
  • 2the quality of being empty or unfilled
  • 3a feeling of loneliness or sadness

Using emptiness: Examples

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    The emptiness of the room was eerie.

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    The emptiness of his life made him depressed.

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    She felt an emptiness inside her after her best friend moved away.

emptiness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with emptiness

  • a feeling of sadness or loneliness


    After her divorce, she experienced a deep sense of emptiness.

  • a psychological condition characterized by feelings of boredom, apathy, and lack of purpose


    Many people experience emptiness syndrome after retirement.

  • a Buddhist meditation practice that involves focusing on the concept of emptiness to achieve enlightenment


    Emptiness meditation is a popular practice among Tibetan Buddhists.


Summary: emptiness in Brief

The term 'emptiness' [ˈɛmptinəs] refers to the state of containing nothing or the quality of being empty or unfilled. It can also denote a feeling of loneliness or sadness, as in 'The emptiness of his life made him depressed.' Phrases like 'sense of emptiness' and 'emptiness syndrome' describe psychological conditions, while 'emptiness meditation' is a Buddhist practice.

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