vacancy Definition

  • 1an unoccupied position or job
  • 2an empty space or room

Using vacancy: Examples

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    There is a vacancy for a sales representative in our company.

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    The hotel has a few vacancies left for the weekend.

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    The vacancy of the house was eerie and unsettling.

vacancy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for vacancy

Idioms Using vacancy

  • to hire someone to fill an unoccupied position or job


    The company is looking to fill a vacancy in the accounting department.

  • to create an unoccupied position or job by leaving a job or position


    His retirement will leave a vacancy in the company that will be difficult to fill.

  • a feeling of emptiness or lack of purpose


    After finishing college, she felt a sense of vacancy and didn't know what to do next.

Phrases with vacancy

  • a position that is available for someone to be hired


    There are several job vacancies in the marketing department.

  • the percentage of unoccupied units in a rental property or hotel


    The vacancy rate for apartments in the city has been steadily increasing.

  • a sign displayed outside a hotel or motel indicating that there are unoccupied rooms available


    The vacancy sign outside the motel was lit up, so we decided to stay there for the night.

Origins of vacancy

from Latin 'vacantia', meaning 'unoccupied'


Summary: vacancy in Brief

'Vacancy' [ˈveɪkənsi] refers to an unoccupied position or job, as well as an empty space or room. It is used in phrases like 'job vacancy' and 'vacancy rate,' and idioms like 'fill a vacancy,' which means to hire someone to fill an unoccupied position. 'Vacancy' can also denote a feeling of emptiness or lack of purpose, as in 'a sense of vacancy.'

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