entwine Definition

  • 1to twist or twine around something
  • 2to become twisted or twined together

Using entwine: Examples

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  • Example

    The vines entwine around the trellis.

  • Example

    Their fates were entwined from an early age.

  • Example

    The two stories are entwined in a complex plot.

  • Example

    The dancers' bodies entwine in a graceful embrace.

entwine Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for entwine

Phrases with entwine

  • to interlock fingers with someone else's fingers


    They entwined their fingers as they walked along the beach.

  • to have one's fate closely linked or intertwined with someone else's fate


    Their destinies were entwined from the moment they met.

  • to become deeply involved or romantically attached to someone


    They were entwined in love and couldn't bear to be apart.

Origins of entwine

from Middle English 'twynen', meaning 'to separate, divide, part'


Summary: entwine in Brief

The verb 'entwine' [en-twahyn] means to twist or twine around something, or to become twisted or twined together. It can refer to physical objects like vines or to abstract concepts like fate or love. Examples include 'The vines entwine around the trellis' and 'Their fates were entwined from an early age.' Phrases like 'entwine fingers' and 'entwine destiny' add specificity to the term.