equalization Definition

  • 1the act or process of making something equal or uniform in some respect
  • 2the act or process of compensating for differences in the abilities of individuals or groups

Using equalization: Examples

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    The government implemented an equalization policy to reduce regional disparities.

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    The equalization of wages between men and women is a major issue in the workplace.

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    The equalization of opportunities for education is essential for social justice.

equalization Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with equalization

  • a transfer of funds from richer regions to poorer regions to ensure that public services are provided at similar levels


    Fiscal equalization is necessary to ensure that all citizens have access to basic public services.

  • a payment made by the government to a province or territory to offset differences in revenue-raising capacity


    Equalization payments help ensure that all Canadians have access to comparable public services.

  • a multiplier used to adjust the assessed value of property to reflect its true market value


    The equalization factor is used to ensure that property taxes are based on fair market value.


Summary: equalization in Brief

The term 'equalization' [ˌiːkwəlaɪˈzeɪʃən] refers to the act or process of making something equal or uniform, such as reducing regional disparities or ensuring equal opportunities. It can also refer to compensating for differences in abilities or revenue-raising capacity. Examples include fiscal equalization and equalization payments. The term is often used in formal contexts.