unfairness Definition

  • 1lack of fairness or justice
  • 2an unjust or unfair act or situation

Using unfairness: Examples

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  • Example

    The decision was criticized for its unfairness.

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    The company was accused of unfairness in its hiring practices.

  • Example

    The teacher's grading system was perceived as unfair by some students.

unfairness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unfairness

  • to complain about something that is perceived as unjust or unfair


    The opposition party cried foul over the unfairness of the election process.

  • a feeling of being treated unjustly or unfairly


    The employees had a sense of unfairness about the new policy.

  • unfairness that is built into a system or institution


    The report highlighted the systemic unfairness in the criminal justice system.


Summary: unfairness in Brief

'Unfairness' [ʌnˈfeərnəs] refers to a lack of fairness or justice, often resulting from an unjust or unfair act or situation. It is synonymous with 'injustice,' 'inequity,' 'partiality,' and 'discrimination.' Examples include criticism of a decision for its unfairness, accusations of unfairness in hiring practices, and perceptions of unfairness in grading systems. Phrases like 'cry foul over unfairness' and 'sense of unfairness' highlight the emotional impact of unfairness, while 'systemic unfairness' points to its institutional nature.