fairness Definition

  • 1the quality of treating people equally or in a way that is right or reasonable
  • 2the quality of being impartial and just

Using fairness: Examples

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    The fairness of the trial was questioned by the defense.

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    We need to ensure fairness in our hiring process.

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    The referee's fairness was appreciated by both teams.

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    The company's policies prioritize fairness and equality.

fairness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with fairness

  • a feeling or belief that people should be treated equally and justly


    Her sense of fairness led her to advocate for equal rights.

  • fairness doctrine

    a policy that required broadcasters to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced


    The FCC abolished the fairness doctrine in 1987.

  • a cosmetic product that claims to lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots


    She uses a fairness cream to improve her complexion.


Summary: fairness in Brief

The term 'fairness' [ˈfɛərnəs] refers to the quality of treating people equally and justly, as well as being impartial and reasonable. It is important in various contexts such as trials, hiring processes, and company policies. 'Fairness' can also be expressed through phrases like 'sense of fairness' and 'fairness cream,' which refers to a cosmetic product that claims to lighten the skin tone.

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