erroneous Definition

  • 1wrong; incorrect
  • 2based on or containing an error

Using erroneous: Examples

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    The report is full of erroneous assumptions.

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    The article contained several erroneous statements.

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    The erroneous data led to incorrect conclusions.

erroneous Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for erroneous

Antonyms for erroneous

Phrases with erroneous

  • erroneous belief

    a false or mistaken belief


    The idea that the earth is flat is an erroneous belief.

  • a conclusion that is based on incorrect information or assumptions


    The study's erroneous conclusion was due to flawed methodology.

  • a statement that is not true or accurate


    The politician made several erroneous statements during the debate.

Origins of erroneous

from Latin 'erroneus', meaning 'wandering, straying, mistaken'


Summary: erroneous in Brief

The term 'erroneous' [ɪˈrəʊniəs] refers to something that is wrong or incorrect, often due to errors in information or assumptions. It can be used to describe beliefs, conclusions, or statements that are not true or accurate. Synonyms include 'incorrect' and 'inaccurate,' while antonyms include 'correct' and 'accurate.'