accurate Definition

correct in all details; exact.

Using accurate: Examples

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    The measurements need to be accurate to within a millimeter.

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    Her predictions were surprisingly accurate.

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    He gave an accurate description of what happened.

accurate Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with accurate

  • a portrayal or depiction that is true to life or factually correct


    The painting is an accurate representation of the landscape.

  • information that is true and reliable


    It's important to get accurate information before making a decision.

  • the ability to hit a target precisely


    His accurate aim helped him win the archery competition.

Origins of accurate

from Latin 'accuratus', meaning 'done with care'


Summary: accurate in Brief

'Accurate' [ˈækjərət] means correct in all details, exact, and true. It is often used to describe measurements, predictions, and descriptions. Synonyms include 'precise,' 'exact,' and 'true.' Antonyms include 'inaccurate,' 'imprecise,' and 'incorrect.' Phrases like 'an accurate representation' and 'accurate information' denote true-to-life portrayals and reliable data, respectively.

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