essentiality Definition

  • 1the quality of being absolutely necessary
  • 2the most important aspect or element of something

Using essentiality: Examples

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    The essentiality of water for human survival cannot be overstated.

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    The essentiality of teamwork in achieving success is often overlooked.

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    The essentiality of education in modern society is widely recognized.

essentiality Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for essentiality

Phrases with essentiality

  • the crucial importance or necessity of something


    The essentiality of communication in a healthy relationship cannot be overstated.

  • a legal test used to determine whether a particular feature or component of a product is essential to its function or purpose


    The court applied the essentiality test to determine whether the patented component was essential to the functioning of the product.

  • a clause in a contract that specifies certain terms or conditions as essential to the agreement


    The essentiality clause in the employment contract stipulated that the employee must maintain a certain level of productivity.


Summary: essentiality in Brief

Essentiality [ɪˌsenʃiˈæləti] refers to the quality of being absolutely necessary, such as the essentiality of water for human survival. It can also refer to the most important aspect or element of something, like the essentiality of teamwork in achieving success. Essentiality extends into phrases like 'the essentiality of something,' and legal concepts like 'essentiality test' and 'essentiality clause.'