exasperation Definition

  • 1a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance
  • 2the state of being very annoyed or irritated

Using exasperation: Examples

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    His constant interruptions filled me with exasperation.

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    The exasperation in her voice was evident.

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    I could sense the exasperation building in him as we continued to argue.

exasperation Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for exasperation

Phrases with exasperation

  • beyond exasperation

    to be so frustrated that one cannot take it anymore


    I am beyond exasperation with his constant excuses.

  • the point at which one can no longer tolerate a situation or person


    After years of dealing with his behavior, I finally reached my exasperation point and decided to end the relationship.

  • a factor that contributes to one's frustration or irritation


    The lack of communication from my boss was a major exasperation factor in my decision to quit.

Origins of exasperation

from Latin 'exasperatio', meaning 'irritation'


Summary: exasperation in Brief

The term 'exasperation' [ɪɡˌzæspəˈreɪʃən] refers to a strong feeling of irritation or annoyance. It is often used to describe situations where one's patience has been tested, such as 'His constant interruptions filled me with exasperation.' 'Exasperation' can also be used in phrases like 'exasperation point,' which refers to the point at which one can no longer tolerate a situation or person.