exist Definition

  • 1to be real or present in the world
  • 2to have a particular way of life
  • 3to continue to live, especially after a difficult or dangerous experience

Using exist: Examples

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  • Example

    Do aliens exist?

  • Example

    The company no longer exists.

  • Example

    Many species of animals that once existed are now extinct.

  • Example

    He exists on a diet of fast food and soda.

  • Example

    After the accident, she was lucky to exist.

exist Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with exist

  • to be called something but not really exist or function as it should


    The committee exists in name only; they never actually meet or do anything.

  • exist on a shoestring

    to survive with very little money


    As a struggling artist, she exists on a shoestring budget.

  • to be isolated from the rest of the world or from other people's opinions or ideas


    You can't exist in a vacuum; you need to be open to other perspectives and feedback.

Origins of exist

from Latin 'existere', meaning 'to come into being'


Summary: exist in Brief

To 'exist' [ɪɡˈzɪst] is to be real or present in the world, to have a particular way of life, or to continue living, especially after a difficult experience. Examples include 'Do aliens exist?' and 'After the accident, she was lucky to exist.' Phrases like 'exist in name only' and 'exist on a shoestring' describe situations where something barely functions or survives.

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