experiential Definition

  • 1involving or based on experience and observation
  • 2providing an experience that is immersive and interactive

Using experiential: Examples

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    The course offers an experiential approach to learning.

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    The museum's exhibits provide an experiential journey through history.

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    The company's marketing strategy focuses on creating experiential events for customers.

experiential Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with experiential

  • a process of learning through experience, reflection, and application


    The school's curriculum emphasizes experiential learning through internships and community service projects.

  • a marketing strategy that engages customers through immersive and interactive experiences


    The brand's experiential marketing campaign included a pop-up store with interactive displays and activities.

  • a type of travel that focuses on immersive and authentic experiences, often involving local culture and nature


    The tour company specializes in experiential travel, offering unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Summary: experiential in Brief

The term 'experiential' [ɪkˌspɪərɪˈɛnʃəl] refers to something that is based on experience and observation, or provides an immersive and interactive experience. It is often used in the context of learning, marketing, and travel, as in 'The course offers an experiential approach to learning.' 'Experiential' is synonymous with 'practical' and 'hands-on,' and antonymous with 'theoretical' and 'abstract.'