extension Definition

  • 1a part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it
  • 2the action of extending or the state of being extended
  • 3a telephone number extension

Using extension: Examples

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  • Example

    The university has plans for a new extension to the library.

  • Example

    The extension of the deadline was a relief to many students.

  • Example

    I need to call the IT department to get an extension on my project.

  • Example

    My phone number extension is 1234.

extension Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using extension

  • to grant someone an extension of time to complete a task or project


    The professor gave me the extension I needed to finish my paper.

  • go to great lengths

    to put in a lot of effort or take extreme measures to achieve something


    He went to great lengths to impress his boss.

  • to improve or intensify something, often by adding new elements or increasing its scope


    We need to take our marketing strategy to the next level if we want to stay competitive.

Phrases with extension

  • a group of letters occurring after a period in a file name, indicating the format of the file


    The file extension '.doc' indicates that the file is a Microsoft Word document.

  • a length of real or synthetic hair that is attached to a person's own hair to make it look longer or fuller


    She got hair extensions for her wedding day.

  • a flexible electrical cable with a plug at one end and one or more sockets at the other end, used to connect electrical devices together


    I need to use an extension cord to reach the outlet.

Origins of extension

from Latin 'extendere', meaning 'to stretch out'


Summary: extension in Brief

The term 'extension' [ɪkˈstɛnʃən] refers to adding or prolonging something, such as a building or a deadline. It can also refer to a telephone number extension. 'Extension' extends into phrases like 'file extension,' which refers to the format of a computer file, and idioms like 'go to great lengths,' which means to put in a lot of effort. Other idioms include 'take something to the next level,' which means to improve or intensify something.

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