expansion Definition

  • 1the action of becoming larger or more extensive
  • 2the process of increasing in size, volume, quantity, or scope

Using expansion: Examples

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  • Example

    The company is planning an expansion of its business operations.

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    The expansion of the universe is a fundamental concept in astronomy.

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    The expansion of the city's boundaries has led to increased traffic congestion.

expansion Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for expansion

Phrases with expansion

  • an increase in the level of economic activity in a country or region


    The government's policies have led to a period of sustained economic expansion.

  • a flexible connector used to allow for movement between two parts of a structure


    The bridge was built with expansion joints to accommodate changes in temperature and prevent damage.

  • a software add-on that adds new features or content to an existing program or game


    The popular video game released a new expansion pack with additional levels and characters.


Summary: expansion in Brief

The term 'expansion' [ɪkˈspænʃən] refers to the process of becoming larger or more extensive. It can refer to physical growth, such as the expansion of a city's boundaries, or to abstract concepts like economic expansion. Other examples include 'expansion joint,' a flexible connector used in construction, and 'expansion pack,' a software add-on for video games.

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