extravagant Definition

  • 1spending much more money or using many more resources than needed or reasonable
  • 2exaggerated, excessive, or over the top
  • 3lavish or luxurious

Using extravagant: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore an extravagant dress to the party.

  • Example

    The company's extravagant spending habits led to its downfall.

  • Example

    He made an extravagant gesture of love by buying her a sports car.

extravagant Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for extravagant

Antonyms for extravagant

Phrases with extravagant

  • extravagant claims

    statements that are exaggerated or not supported by evidence


    The politician made extravagant claims about his accomplishments in office.

  • a way of living that involves spending large amounts of money on luxury items and experiences


    The celebrity's extravagant lifestyle included private jets and yachts.

  • a preference for expensive or luxurious things


    Her extravagant taste in jewelry meant that she only wore diamonds and pearls.

Origins of extravagant

from Medieval Latin 'extravagans', meaning 'wandering beyond' or 'exceeding the bounds'


Summary: extravagant in Brief

The term 'extravagant' [ɪkˈstrævəɡənt] refers to spending more money or resources than necessary, being exaggerated or over the top, or being lavish or luxurious. Examples include wearing an extravagant dress, making extravagant claims, or having an extravagant lifestyle. Synonyms include excessive and prodigal, while antonyms include moderate and frugal.

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