fabricate Definition

  • 1to invent or create something, typically with deceitful intent
  • 2to construct or manufacture something, especially from prepared components

Using fabricate: Examples

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  • Example

    The witness was caught fabricating evidence.

  • Example

    He fabricated a story about his whereabouts on the night of the crime.

  • Example

    The company fabricates steel beams for construction projects.

fabricate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fabricate

Idioms Using fabricate

  • to create something from nothing, without any basis in reality


    The journalist was accused of fabricating the story out of thin air.

  • to distort or manipulate the facts in order to deceive others


    The politician was criticized for fabricating the truth in his campaign speeches.

  • to create false evidence or arguments in order to support a particular legal case


    The defense attorney was accused of fabricating a case to get his client acquitted.

Phrases with fabricate

  • to create a false story or statement


    He fabricated a lie to get out of trouble.

  • to create a fictional account of events


    She fabricated a story about her past to impress her friends.

  • to create or alter evidence in order to deceive others


    The police discovered that the suspect had fabricated evidence to support his alibi.

Origins of fabricate

from Latin 'fabricatus', past participle of 'fabricare', meaning 'to make, construct'


Summary: fabricate in Brief

The verb 'fabricate' [ˈfæbrɪkeɪt] has two main meanings: to invent or create something, often with deceitful intent, and to construct or manufacture something. Examples of the former include 'The witness was caught fabricating evidence,' while examples of the latter include 'The company fabricates steel beams for construction projects.' Phrases like 'fabricate a lie' and idioms like 'fabricate out of thin air' further illustrate the concept of creating something from nothing, often with negative connotations.