fabrication Definition

  • 1the act of inventing or creating something false, especially in order to deceive someone
  • 2the process of manufacturing or constructing something

Using fabrication: Examples

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    The company was accused of fabrication and fraud.

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    The story was a complete fabrication.

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    The fabrication of the bridge took two years to complete.

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    The fabrication of the dress was done by hand.

fabrication Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using fabrication

  • something that is imagined or invented, and not real


    The idea that he could win the race was just a figment of his imagination.

  • a group of falsehoods or untruths


    The politician's speech was a pack of lies, filled with false promises and misleading statements.

  • pull the wool over someone's eyes

    to deceive or trick someone


    He thought he could pull the wool over her eyes, but she saw right through his lies.

Phrases with fabrication

  • the creation or manipulation of evidence in order to support a false claim or accusation


    The prosecutor was charged with fabrication of evidence in the case.

  • a workshop or factory where metal or other materials are fabricated into finished products


    The company's fabrication shop produces custom metal parts for various industries.

  • self-fabrication

    the act of creating or constructing something oneself, often used in reference to personal identity or image


    Her style is a result of her own self-fabrication, mixing vintage and modern pieces to create a unique look.

Origins of fabrication

from Latin 'fabricare', meaning 'to make'


Summary: fabrication in Brief

The term 'fabrication' [ˌfæbrɪˈkeɪʃən] refers to the act of creating something false, often to deceive someone, or the process of manufacturing or constructing something. It can be used in contexts ranging from accusations of fraud to the construction of physical objects, as in 'The fabrication of the bridge took two years to complete.' Phrases like 'fabrication of evidence' and idioms like 'a pack of lies' highlight the deceptive aspect of the term, while 'self-fabrication' denotes the creation of one's own identity or image.

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