faultless Definition

  • 1without any faults or mistakes; perfect
  • 2not deserving blame or criticism

Using faultless: Examples

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  • Example

    She has a faultless memory.

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    The performance was faultless.

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    The report was faultless in its accuracy.

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    He is a faultless driver.

faultless Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with faultless

  • faultless manners

    excellent and polite behavior


    He has faultless manners and is always courteous to others.

  • a way of thinking that is completely correct and without errors


    His argument was based on faultless logic and reasoning.

  • beauty that is perfect and without any flaws


    The painting depicts the faultless beauty of the countryside.


Summary: faultless in Brief

The term 'faultless' [ˈfɔːltləs] refers to something that is perfect, without any faults or mistakes. It can also mean not deserving blame or criticism. Examples include 'She has a faultless memory' and 'The performance was faultless.' Phrases like 'faultless manners' and 'faultless logic' denote excellent behavior and correct reasoning, respectively.