imperfect Definition

  • 1not perfect; faulty or incomplete
  • 2of a tense, aspect, or mood, expressing a past action or state that is uncompleted

Using imperfect: Examples

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  • Example

    The painting was beautiful but imperfect.

  • Example

    His speech was imperfect due to his nervousness.

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    The cake was delicious despite its imperfect appearance.

imperfect Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for imperfect

Phrases with imperfect

  • a verb tense used to describe an ongoing or repeated past action or state that has not been completed


    In the sentence 'I was walking,' 'was walking' is in the imperfect tense.

  • a market structure where there are many firms selling differentiated products, leading to non-uniform prices and profits


    The smartphone industry is an example of imperfect competition.

  • a type of rhyme where the sounds of the words are similar but not identical


    The words 'love' and 'move' have an imperfect rhyme.

Origins of imperfect

from Latin 'imperfectus', meaning 'unfinished'


Summary: imperfect in Brief

The term 'imperfect' [ɪmˈpəːfɪkt] refers to something that is not perfect, either being faulty or incomplete. It can also refer to a verb tense that expresses an uncompleted past action or state. Examples include 'The painting was beautiful but imperfect' and 'His speech was imperfect due to his nervousness.' Other uses of 'imperfect' include 'imperfect competition,' a market structure with non-uniform prices, and 'imperfect rhyme,' where words have similar but not identical sounds.