defective Definition

  • 1having a fault or faults; not perfect or complete
  • 2a person or thing that is imperfect or faulty

Using defective: Examples

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    The product was recalled due to a defective part.

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    The car's brakes were found to be defective during the inspection.

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    The company offered a refund for the defective merchandise.

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    The machine was shut down because of a defective sensor.

defective Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for defective

Phrases with defective

  • a gene that has a mutation or abnormality, which can cause genetic disorders or diseases


    The child inherited the defective gene from his parents, which caused the rare disease.

  • a product that has a fault or defect, which makes it unsafe or unusable


    The company issued a recall for the defective product, which caused injuries to some of its users.

  • equipment that is not functioning properly or safely due to a fault or defect


    The workers were instructed not to use the defective equipment until it was repaired or replaced.

Origins of defective

from Latin 'defectivus', meaning 'wanting, imperfect'


Summary: defective in Brief

The term 'defective' [dɪˈfɛktɪv] refers to something that has a fault or faults, making it imperfect or incomplete. It can describe products, equipment, or even genes, as in 'The product was recalled due to a defective part.' 'Defective' is a formal term with synonyms like 'faulty' and 'imperfect,' and informals like 'busted' and 'janky.'

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