fiasco Definition

a complete failure, especially in a humiliating way.

Using fiasco: Examples

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    The party was a fiasco from start to finish.

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    The product launch turned into a fiasco when the device failed to work properly.

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    The team's performance was a fiasco, losing by a wide margin.

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    The restaurant's opening night was a fiasco due to poor service and food quality.

fiasco Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fiasco

Idioms Using fiasco

  • to be received very badly by an audience or group of people


    His joke went down like a lead balloon and nobody laughed.

  • blow up in someone's face

    to fail disastrously and cause harm or damage to the person responsible


    His plan to cheat on the exam blew up in his face when he got caught and was expelled from school.

  • fall flat on one's face

    to fail completely and embarrassingly


    Her attempt to impress her boss fell flat on her face when she spilled coffee all over his desk.

Phrases with fiasco

  • to cause something to fail completely or to be ruined


    He made a fiasco of his presentation by forgetting his notes and stumbling over his words.

  • a situation in which a political event or decision goes wrong and causes embarrassment or damage to the people involved


    The government's handling of the crisis was a political fiasco that led to widespread criticism.

  • a situation in which a financial investment or decision goes wrong and causes significant losses


    The company's acquisition of the failing business turned into a financial fiasco, resulting in huge losses for the company.

Origins of fiasco

from Italian 'fiasco', meaning 'bottle' or 'flask'


Summary: fiasco in Brief

'Fiasco' [fee-as-koh] refers to a complete failure, often in a humiliating way. It can describe anything from a party to a product launch, as in 'The restaurant's opening night was a fiasco due to poor service and food quality.' 'Fiasco' extends into phrases like 'make a fiasco of something,' and idioms like 'go down like a lead balloon,' denoting a bad reception, and 'blow up in someone's face,' implying disastrous consequences.

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