fix Definition

  • 1to repair or mend something
  • 2to make something certain or definite
  • 3to arrange or organize something

Using fix: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to fix my bike before I can ride it again.

  • Example

    Can you fix the meeting for next week?

  • Example

    I'll fix dinner tonight.

  • Example

    The election was fixed by the ruling party.

fix Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using fix

  • in a fix

    in a difficult or awkward situation


    I'm in a fix because I promised to be in two places at once.

  • fix one's sights on

    to focus or aim on achieving a particular goal


    After graduation, she fixed her sights on becoming a doctor.

  • fix someone's wagon

    to get revenge on someone or to cause them trouble


    If he doesn't stop bothering me, I'll fix his wagon.

Phrases with fix

  • fix up

    to renovate or improve something


    We're planning to fix up the old house and sell it.

  • to decide on or choose something


    After much deliberation, we finally fixed on a date for the wedding.

  • to arrange for someone to meet or go out with another person


    My friend fixed me up with her brother, and we've been dating ever since.

Origins of fix

from Latin 'fixus', meaning 'fastened'


Summary: fix in Brief

The verb 'fix' [fɪks] means to repair, make certain, or arrange something. It can refer to physical objects like bikes or abstract concepts like meetings. Phrases like 'fix up' and 'fix on' extend its meanings to renovation and decision-making, respectively. Idioms like 'in a fix' and 'fix someone's wagon' denote difficult situations and revenge, respectively.

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