foretell Definition

  • 1predict (the future or a future event)
  • 2be a sign or warning of (a future event)

Using foretell: Examples

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  • Example

    The astrologer foretold that she would meet her soulmate soon.

  • Example

    The dark clouds foretell a storm.

  • Example

    The sudden drop in temperature foretells the arrival of winter.

  • Example

    The prophetess foretold the coming of a great leader.

foretell Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for foretell

Phrases with foretell

  • to predict what will happen in the future


    Many people believe that psychics can foretell the future.

  • to predict a disastrous outcome


    The economic indicators foretell doom for the country's financial stability.

  • to predict one's own future


    The protagonist in the novel had a dream that foretold his own fate.

Origins of foretell

from Old English 'foretellan', meaning 'to tell beforehand'


Summary: foretell in Brief

'Foretell' [fɔːˈtɛl] means to predict or prophesy a future event, or to be a sign or warning of it. It is often used in the context of astrology, weather, and prophecy, as in 'The astrologer foretold that she would meet her soulmate soon.' 'Foretell' can also be used in phrases like 'foretell doom,' which means to predict a disastrous outcome.