friendliness Definition

the quality of being friendly; affability.

Using friendliness: Examples

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    Her friendliness made her popular among her colleagues.

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    The hotel staff greeted us with friendliness and warmth.

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    The dog's friendliness towards strangers surprised us.

friendliness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with friendliness

  • to act in a way that is welcoming and kind to others


    If you show friendliness towards your new neighbors, they will be more likely to help you out when you need it.

  • a behavior that is not welcoming or kind to others


    The lack of friendliness from the receptionist made us feel unwelcome at the hotel.

  • a behavior that is gentle and kind towards animals


    Her friendliness towards animals made her a great candidate for the job at the animal shelter.


Summary: friendliness in Brief

'Friendliness' [ˈfrendli.nəs] refers to the quality of being friendly and approachable. It is often demonstrated through warm greetings, kind gestures, and a welcoming attitude. Examples include 'Her friendliness made her popular among her colleagues' and 'The dog's friendliness towards strangers surprised us.' 'Show friendliness' is a common phrase that encourages people to act in a welcoming and kind manner towards others.