hostility Definition

  • 1unfriendly or aggressive feelings or behavior
  • 2a state of opposition or resistance between individuals, groups, or nations

Using hostility: Examples

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  • Example

    The hostility between the two rival gangs led to several violent clashes.

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    The company faced hostility from local residents over its plans to build a new factory.

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    The politician's speech was met with hostility from the audience.

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    The teacher's hostility towards the student was unwarranted.

hostility Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using hostility

  • to feel or express unfriendly or aggressive feelings towards someone


    He bore a deep-seated hostility towards his former business partner.

  • to respond to unfriendly or aggressive behavior with similar behavior


    The protesters met police hostility with hostility of their own.

  • to let go of unfriendly or aggressive feelings towards someone


    It's time to throw out the hostility and start working together.

Phrases with hostility

  • overtly aggressive or unfriendly behavior


    The two countries were in a state of open hostility for many years.

  • indirect or subtle unfriendliness or aggression


    Her passive hostility towards her coworkers made it difficult to work with her.

  • the acquisition of a company by another company through aggressive means, often against the wishes of the target company's management


    The company's board of directors rejected the hostile takeover bid.

Origins of hostility

from Latin 'hostilitas', meaning 'enmity'


Summary: hostility in Brief

The term 'hostility' [hɑːˈstɪləti] refers to unfriendly or aggressive feelings or behavior, as well as a state of opposition or resistance. It can be seen in conflicts between individuals, groups, or nations, exemplified by 'The hostility between the two rival gangs led to several violent clashes.' 'Hostility' extends into phrases like 'open hostility,' and idioms like 'meet hostility with hostility,' denoting a response to unfriendly behavior, and 'throw out the hostility,' implying a need to let go of negative feelings.