fulfillment Definition

  • 1the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted
  • 2the satisfaction or happiness that comes from achieving something

Using fulfillment: Examples

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    The fulfillment of his lifelong dream brought him great joy.

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    The company's success is a fulfillment of their hard work and dedication.

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    She found fulfillment in helping others.

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    The job provided him with a sense of fulfillment.

fulfillment Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with fulfillment

  • self-fulfillment

    the achievement of one's potential through the development of one's abilities and talents


    He quit his job to pursue self-fulfillment through travel and exploration.

  • a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from achieving a goal or fulfilling a desire


    Volunteering gave her a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

  • a warehouse or distribution center where products are stored and shipped to customers


    The company's new fulfillment center allowed them to process orders more quickly and efficiently.


Summary: fulfillment in Brief

Fulfillment [fʊlˈfɪlmənt] refers to the achievement of something desired or promised, and the satisfaction or happiness that comes from it. It can be found in personal goals, such as 'She found fulfillment in helping others,' or professional ones, like 'The company's success is a fulfillment of their hard work and dedication.' Other phrases include 'self-fulfillment,' which denotes the achievement of one's potential, and 'fulfillment center,' a warehouse for shipping products.

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