gang Definition

  • 1an organized group of criminals, especially one that engages in illegal activity
  • 2a group of young people who spend time together, often fighting against other groups and behaving badly

Using gang: Examples

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    The gang was responsible for a string of robberies in the area.

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    He joined a gang when he was a teenager and got into a lot of trouble.

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    The two gangs clashed in a violent confrontation.

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    She was afraid to walk home alone because of the gang activity in the neighborhood.

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Idioms Using gang

  • gangbusters

    very successful or enthusiastic, often used to describe a person or thing that is doing well


    The new product launch was gangbusters, with sales exceeding expectations.

  • a group of four people who work together, often in a political context


    The gang of four was responsible for making important decisions about the company's future.

  • gang up

    to join together with others to do something, often something negative


    The kids ganged up and stole his bike while he wasn't looking.

Phrases with gang

  • to join together to attack or criticize someone


    The other kids in the class ganged up on him and made fun of his clothes.

  • the behavior or thinking of a group of people who act together as a group, often without questioning their actions or decisions


    The gang mentality of the team led to poor decision-making on the field.

  • violent conflict between rival gangs


    The city was plagued by gang warfare in the 1990s.

Origins of gang

originally meant 'a going, journey', from Old English 'gang', meaning 'a going, journey, or way'


Summary: gang in Brief

The term 'gang' [ɡæŋ] refers to an organized group of criminals or a group of young people who spend time together, often engaging in bad behavior. It can be used in phrases like 'gang up on someone' or idioms like 'gangbusters,' which means very successful. 'Gang' can also refer to gang warfare, where rival gangs engage in violent conflict.

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