warfare Definition

  • 1the activity of fighting a war, often including the weapons and methods that are used
  • 2a particular type of war or fighting

Using warfare: Examples

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    The history of warfare spans thousands of years.

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    Modern warfare involves advanced technology and tactics.

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    Guerrilla warfare is a type of unconventional warfare.

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    The country has been ravaged by years of civil warfare.

warfare Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using warfare

  • declare war (on/against someone/something)

    to formally announce that a country or group is at war with another country or group, or to begin a campaign against a particular issue or problem


    The president declared war on terrorism after the 9/11 attacks.

  • go to war (with someone/something)

    to start a war or engage in a conflict with another country or group, or to enter into a serious dispute or conflict with someone or something


    The two countries went to war over a disputed border region.

  • a heated argument or debate between two or more people or groups, often involving strong language and personal attacks


    The political candidates engaged in a war of words during the televised debate.

Phrases with warfare

  • the use of chemical substances as weapons in a war


    The international community has banned the use of chemical warfare.

  • a type of unconventional warfare in which small groups of combatants use tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, and hit-and-run attacks to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military


    The guerrilla warfare tactics of the Viet Cong were effective against the US military during the Vietnam War.

  • a military strategy in which an entire nation's resources, including civilians, are mobilized to fight a war


    The concept of total warfare was first introduced during World War I.

Origins of warfare

from Old North French 'werre', meaning 'war'


Summary: warfare in Brief

The term 'warfare' [ˈwɔːfeə(r)] refers to the activity of fighting a war, including weapons and methods used. It can also denote a specific type of war or fighting, such as guerrilla warfare. 'Warfare' extends into phrases like 'chemical warfare,' and idioms like 'declare war,' denoting formal announcements of conflict. It also includes 'war of words,' indicating heated arguments or debates.

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