garbled Definition

  • 1reproduced or transformed so as to be distorted, disrupted, or confused
  • 2confused and unclear

Using garbled: Examples

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  • Example

    The message was garbled and difficult to understand.

  • Example

    The translation was garbled and full of errors.

  • Example

    The audio recording was garbled due to interference.

  • Example

    His speech was garbled because of his drunkenness.

garbled Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for garbled

Phrases with garbled

  • a message that is distorted or unclear


    I received a garbled message on my phone and couldn't understand what the person was saying.

  • speech that is slurred or difficult to understand


    The teacher had difficulty understanding the student's garbled speech.

  • a transmission that is distorted or unclear


    The garbled transmission made it difficult for the pilot to communicate with the control tower.


Summary: garbled in Brief

'Garbled' [ˈɡɑːbld] refers to something that has been distorted, disrupted, or confused, resulting in a lack of clarity or coherence. It can describe messages, translations, audio recordings, or speech that is difficult to understand. Synonyms include 'jumbled,' 'muddled,' and 'scrambled.'

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