given Definition

  • 1specified or stated
  • 2taking something into account
  • 3assuming that something is the case

Using given: Examples

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  • Example

    Given the circumstances, I think we should postpone the meeting.

  • Example

    He's a good student, given his lack of experience.

  • Example

    Given the time constraints, we'll have to work quickly.

  • Example

    She's a great athlete, given her age.

given Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for given

Phrases with given

  • a person's first name, as opposed to their surname


    Her given name is Elizabeth, but she goes by Liz.

  • to be led to believe or assume something


    I was given to understand that the project would be completed by next week.

  • given up for dead

    to believe that someone has died or given up hope of finding them alive


    After three days lost in the wilderness, the hiker was given up for dead.

Origins of given

from Old Norse 'gefa', meaning 'to give'


Summary: given in Brief

The term 'given' [ˈɡɪv(ə)n] refers to something that is specified, taken into account, or assumed. It is often used to describe a situation or condition, such as 'Given the circumstances, I think we should postpone the meeting.' 'Given' can also be used to describe a person's name, as in 'Her given name is Elizabeth.'

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