glittering Definition

  • 1shining with a bright, shimmering, reflected light
  • 2attractive and exciting, often superficially so

Using glittering: Examples

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    The glittering stars in the sky were breathtaking.

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    The glittering jewels on her necklace caught everyone's attention.

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    The city's skyline was a glittering sight at night.

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    The celebrity's glittering lifestyle was the envy of many.

glittering Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for glittering

Phrases with glittering

  • glittering generalities

    words or phrases that are vague and appealing but lack substance or specificity


    The politician's speech was full of glittering generalities but lacked any concrete plans or policies.

  • a successful and glamorous career, often in entertainment or sports


    She had a glittering career as a Hollywood actress, starring in many blockbuster films.

  • a highly desirable or coveted award or reward


    Winning an Olympic gold medal is the glittering prize for many athletes.


Summary: glittering in Brief

The term 'glittering' [ˈɡlɪtərɪŋ] refers to something that shines brightly with reflected light or is attractive and exciting, often superficially so. It can describe physical objects like jewels or the night sky, as well as people's lifestyles or careers. The phrase 'glittering generalities' refers to vague and appealing words or phrases that lack substance.

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