globalize Definition

  • 1to make something operate on a worldwide scale
  • 2to extend to other or all parts of the world

Using globalize: Examples

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  • Example

    The company aims to globalize its products.

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    The internet has helped to globalize communication.

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    The spread of fast food chains has globalized American culture.

globalize Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with globalize

  • the process of integrating national economies into a global economy


    The globalized economy has led to increased competition and lower prices for consumers.

  • the process of spreading cultural values, norms, and practices around the world


    The rise of social media has accelerated the globalization of culture.

  • the process of making education more accessible and relevant to people around the world


    Online learning platforms have helped to globalize education by providing access to courses and resources from anywhere in the world.


Summary: globalize in Brief

To 'globalize' [ˈɡloʊbəlaɪz] is to extend something to other or all parts of the world, or to make it operate on a worldwide scale. This can refer to products, communication, culture, education, and more. Examples include 'The company aims to globalize its products,' and 'The internet has helped to globalize communication.'