internationalize Definition

  • 1to make something involve or affect more than one country
  • 2to extend to other or all parts of the world

Using internationalize: Examples

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  • Example

    The company plans to internationalize its operations by opening branches in Asia and Europe.

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    The university aims to internationalize its curriculum by offering courses on global issues.

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    The film's success led to its internationalization, with screenings in multiple countries.

internationalize Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for internationalize

Phrases with internationalize

  • to involve other countries or international organizations in resolving a conflict between two or more parties


    The United Nations was called upon to internationalize the conflict and help negotiate a peace agreement.

  • to make a currency acceptable or recognized in other countries


    The government's decision to internationalize the currency was met with mixed reactions from economists and investors.

  • internationalize a website

    to make a website accessible and relevant to users from different countries or regions


    The company hired a team of translators to internationalize their website and reach a wider audience.


Summary: internationalize in Brief

To 'internationalize' [ˌɪntərˈnæʃənəlaɪz] is to expand something to involve or affect more than one country. It can refer to a company's operations, a university's curriculum, or a film's distribution. The term extends to phrases like 'internationalize a conflict,' which involves other countries or organizations in resolving a dispute, and 'internationalize a currency,' which makes it acceptable in other countries.