gnawing Definition

  • 1persistently worrying or distressing
  • 2biting or nibbling something persistently

Using gnawing: Examples

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  • Example

    The gnawing feeling of guilt kept him up all night.

  • Example

    The rat was gnawing on the cheese.

  • Example

    The gnawing pain in her stomach made her feel sick.

  • Example

    The gnawing worry about her son's safety was always present.

gnawing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with gnawing

  • to erode or wear away gradually through persistent effort or attack


    The constant criticism was gnawing away at his self-confidence.

  • a persistent feeling of hunger that is difficult to satisfy


    After skipping breakfast and lunch, she had a gnawing hunger in her stomach.

  • a persistent feeling of uncertainty or skepticism


    Despite the evidence, he still had a gnawing doubt about the validity of the theory.


Summary: gnawing in Brief

The adjective 'gnawing' [nɔːɪŋ] describes something that is persistently worrying or distressing, such as a gnawing feeling of guilt or worry. It can also refer to biting or nibbling something persistently, like a rat gnawing on cheese. Phrases include 'gnawing away at,' meaning to erode or wear away gradually, 'gnawing hunger,' a persistent feeling of hunger, and 'gnawing doubt,' a persistent feeling of uncertainty.