troublesome Definition

  • 1causing difficulty or annoyance
  • 2difficult to deal with or manage

Using troublesome: Examples

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  • Example

    The troublesome child kept interrupting the class.

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    The new software update has caused some troublesome issues.

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    The negotiations with the union have been quite troublesome.

troublesome Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with troublesome

  • a period of difficulty or hardship


    We are living in troublesome times with the pandemic and economic crisis.

  • behavior that causes problems or difficulties


    The teacher had to address the troublesome behavior of some students in the classroom.

  • a difficult or problematic situation


    The company found itself in a troublesome spot when its main supplier went bankrupt.


Summary: troublesome in Brief

'Troublesome' [ˈtrʌblsəm] describes something that causes difficulty or annoyance, or is difficult to deal with or manage. Examples include 'The troublesome child kept interrupting the class,' and 'The new software update has caused some troublesome issues.' Phrases like 'troublesome times' and 'troublesome behavior' denote periods of difficulty or problematic behavior.