goes Definition

third person singular present tense of 'go'.

Using goes: Examples

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    He goes to work every day.

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    She goes to the gym in the morning.

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    The train goes to London.

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    The road goes through the forest.

goes Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with goes

  • to be an expected or accepted part of a particular job or situation


    Long working hours go with the territory in this industry.

  • a phrase used to describe someone who is easily influenced and tends to follow others


    He doesn't have his own opinion. Wherever the wind blows, there he goes.

  • to have many positive qualities or advantages that can lead to success


    She has a lot going for her - intelligence, talent, and a great personality.


Summary: goes in Brief

'Goes' [ɡoʊz] is the third person singular present tense of 'go', meaning to move or travel from one place to another. It is commonly used to describe daily routines and transportation, as in 'He goes to work every day.' 'Goes' also appears in idiomatic expressions such as 'goes with the territory,' meaning something is expected in a particular job or situation.