governor Definition

  • 1the elected executive head of a state in the US
  • 2a person appointed to manage an organization, institution, or company
  • 3a device used to regulate the speed of a machine

Using governor: Examples

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    The governor of California is Gavin Newsom.

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    She was appointed as the new governor of the bank.

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    The engine's governor keeps it from running too fast.

governor Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using governor

  • the governor's seat

    the position of power or control


    He was determined to take the governor's seat and become the CEO of the company.

  • run the show/governor

    to be in charge or control of a situation or organization


    She runs the show at the office and makes all the important decisions.

  • get the governor's nod

    to receive approval or permission from someone in authority


    He was waiting to get the governor's nod before he could start the project.

Phrases with governor

  • an official who is next in rank to a governor and who takes the governor's place if he or she is unable to perform the duties


    The vice governor was sworn in as acting governor when the governor was out of the country.

  • governor-general

    a governor with a higher rank than a governor, often representing the monarch or the government in a colony or overseas territory


    The governor-general of India was the representative of the British monarch during the colonial period.

  • the position or term of office of a governor


    He served two terms in the governorship of New York.

Origins of governor

from Latin 'gubernator', meaning 'a pilot'


Summary: governor in Brief

The term 'governor' [ˈɡʌvənər] refers to an elected or appointed executive head of an organization or institution. It can also refer to a device that regulates the speed of a machine. Examples include 'The governor of California is Gavin Newsom.' and 'The engine's governor keeps it from running too fast.' Idioms like 'run the show/governor' denote control, while 'get the governor's nod' means to receive approval.

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