handiwork Definition

something that is made or done with skill, especially something that is made by hand.

Using handiwork: Examples

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    The beautiful embroidery was her own handiwork.

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    The table was a fine piece of handiwork.

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    The intricate carving on the wooden box was a testament to the craftsman's handiwork.

handiwork Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with handiwork

  • to feel proud of something one has made or done with skill


    He took great pride in his handiwork and spent hours perfecting every detail.

  • destroy someone's handiwork

    to ruin something that someone has worked hard to create


    The vandals destroyed the artist's handiwork, leaving him devastated.

  • something that has been made or done with skill, especially something that is made by hand


    The intricate lace doily was a beautiful piece of handiwork.

Origins of handiwork

from Middle English 'handiwerk', meaning 'manual labor'


Summary: handiwork in Brief

'Handiwork' [ˈhandiˌwərk] refers to something made or done with skill, particularly if it is made by hand. Examples include embroidery, carving, and other crafts. Phrases like 'take pride in one's handiwork' and 'destroy someone's handiwork' illustrate the emotional investment that can be involved. 'Handiwork' is a formal term that emphasizes the skill and craftsmanship involved.