hazard Definition

  • 1something that is dangerous and likely to cause damage or harm
  • 2a potential source of danger or difficulty

Using hazard: Examples

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    The icy road was a hazard to drivers.

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    The chemicals in the lab pose a serious hazard to workers.

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    The construction site is full of hazards.

hazard Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using hazard

  • at one's own risk and hazard

    if you do something at your own risk and hazard, you accept that it may be dangerous or harmful and that you are responsible for any bad results


    Visitors are allowed to enter the cave at their own risk and hazard.

  • throw caution to the wind(s)

    to take a risk without worrying about the possible dangers or negative consequences


    She threw caution to the wind and quit her job to travel the world.

  • a small part of a larger problem or situation that is not yet known or understood


    The recent scandal is just the tip of the iceberg; there is much more corruption to uncover.

Phrases with hazard

  • something that can cause harm or illness to people's health


    Smoking is a major health hazard.

  • something that increases the risk of fire


    Leaving the stove on is a fire hazard.

  • extra pay given to workers who perform dangerous jobs


    The soldiers received hazard pay for their mission.

Origins of hazard

from Old French 'hasard', meaning 'game of chance'


Summary: hazard in Brief

The term 'hazard' [ˈhæzərd] refers to something dangerous or potentially harmful, such as icy roads or hazardous chemicals. It can also refer to phrases like 'health hazard,' which denotes something that can cause harm or illness, and 'hazard pay,' which is extra pay given to workers who perform dangerous jobs. Idioms like 'at one's own risk and hazard' and 'throw caution to the wind(s)' emphasize the risky nature of hazards.