heroism Definition

  • 1great bravery
  • 2the qualities of a hero or heroine
  • 3the display of courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good

Using heroism: Examples

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    The firefighters showed great heroism in rescuing the trapped victims.

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    Her heroism in standing up to the bullies inspired others to do the same.

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    The soldiers were awarded medals for their heroism in battle.

heroism Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for heroism

Phrases with heroism

  • a brave and selfless action taken to help others


    His act of heroism saved the lives of many people during the earthquake.

  • the display of courage and bravery in difficult or challenging situations


    The survivors of the hurricane showed incredible heroism in the face of adversity.

  • acts of bravery or selflessness that go unnoticed or unacknowledged


    Many people perform acts of unsung heroism every day, without seeking recognition or reward.

Origins of heroism

from French 'héroïsme', from Latin 'heroicus', from Greek 'hērōikos'


Summary: heroism in Brief

Heroism [ˈhɛrəʊɪzəm] refers to great bravery, courage, and self-sacrifice for the greater good. It can be seen in acts of heroism, such as saving lives, and in the display of courage and bravery in difficult or challenging situations. Heroism can inspire others to do the same, and it is often recognized with awards and medals.