hoard Definition

  • 1a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded
  • 2a large collection of something valuable or impressive
  • 3to accumulate and hide or store a large quantity of something

Using hoard: Examples

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  • Example

    He had a hoard of gold coins hidden in his basement.

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    She has a hoard of vintage clothing in her closet.

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    The dragon guarded its hoard of treasure fiercely.

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    She tends to hoard food in her room.

hoard Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using hoard

  • hoard and hide

    to accumulate and keep something secret or hidden away from others


    He tends to hoard and hide his ideas until he's ready to present them.

  • a large amount of information that is not widely known or shared


    The journalist uncovered a hoard of information about the company's unethical practices.

  • hoard one's resources

    to conserve and save one's resources for future use


    During the pandemic, it's important to hoard one's resources and avoid unnecessary spending.

Phrases with hoard

  • a reserve of money or resources kept for use in an emergency or difficult situation


    I always keep a rainy day hoard of cash in case of unexpected expenses.

  • hoard up

    to accumulate and store a large quantity of something


    She hoarded up a collection of rare books over the years.

  • a person who accumulates and stores a large quantity of things, often items that are not needed or have no value


    Her neighbor is a hoarder who has filled his entire house with junk.

Origins of hoard

from Old English 'hord', meaning 'treasure, valuable stock or store'


Summary: hoard in Brief

The term 'hoard' [hɔːd] refers to a stock or store of valuable objects, often kept secret or carefully guarded. It can also refer to a large collection of something impressive. As a verb, it means to accumulate and hide or store a large quantity of something. Examples include 'He had a hoard of gold coins hidden in his basement.' and 'She tends to hoard food in her room.' Phrases like 'hoard and hide' and 'hoard of information' denote secretive accumulation, while 'hoard one's resources' implies conservation.