hoax Definition

  • 1a humorous or malicious deception
  • 2an act intended to deceive or trick

Using hoax: Examples

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  • Example

    The story about the alien invasion turned out to be a hoax.

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    He was arrested for perpetrating a hoax on the public.

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    The email claiming I won a million dollars was a hoax.

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    The video of the talking dog was revealed to be a hoax.

hoax Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using hoax

  • to be tricked or deceived by a false story or prank


    Many people fell for the hoax about the new miracle weight loss pill.

  • play a hoax on someone

    to deceive or trick someone with a false story or prank


    He played a hoax on his sister by telling her that their parents had bought her a pony.

  • hoaxster

    a person who perpetrates hoaxes


    The famous hoaxster fooled the media with his elaborate pranks.

Phrases with hoax

  • to deceive someone with a false story or trick


    He tried to pull a hoax on his friends by pretending to be a famous celebrity.

  • a prank phone call made to deceive or trick someone


    The police received a hoax call about a bomb threat in the building.

  • a fraudulent email message sent to deceive or trick someone


    The company warned its customers about a hoax email that asked for personal information.

Origins of hoax

from Middle English 'hokes', meaning 'a trick'


Summary: hoax in Brief

'Hoax' [hoks] refers to a humorous or malicious deception, often intended to trick or deceive. It can take many forms, such as a fake news story or a fraudulent email. Phrases like 'hoax call' and 'hoax email' denote specific types of deception, while idioms like 'fall for a hoax' and 'play a hoax on someone' describe being tricked or deceiving others.