hygienic Definition

conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially by being clean; sanitary.

Using hygienic: Examples

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    The restaurant has a hygienic kitchen.

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    It is important to maintain a hygienic environment in hospitals.

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    The company has strict hygienic standards for their food products.

hygienic Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for hygienic

Phrases with hygienic

  • hygienic practices

    methods or habits that promote cleanliness and good health


    The doctor advised the patient to follow hygienic practices to prevent infection.

  • hygienic measures

    actions taken to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of disease


    The government implemented hygienic measures to control the outbreak of the virus.

  • hygienic conditions

    the state of being clean and free from germs or bacteria


    The hotel was shut down due to poor hygienic conditions.

Origins of hygienic

from French 'hygiénique', from Greek 'hugieinos', meaning 'healthful'


Summary: hygienic in Brief

'Hygienic' [hʌɪˈdʒiːnɪk] refers to conditions or practices that promote health and prevent disease by being clean and sanitary. It is often used in contexts such as hospitals, restaurants, and food production facilities. Examples include 'The restaurant has a hygienic kitchen.' and 'The company has strict hygienic standards for their food products.'

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