[ˈstɛrəl, -aɪl]

sterile Definition

  • 1free from bacteria or other living microorganisms; totally clean
  • 2not able to produce children or young; not fertile
  • 3showing no creativity or vitality; uninspired

Using sterile: Examples

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  • Example

    The surgical instruments must be sterile to avoid infection.

  • Example

    The couple was unable to conceive due to the husband's sterile condition.

  • Example

    The meeting was sterile and unproductive.

  • Example

    The artist's work had become sterile and lacked originality.

sterile Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with sterile

  • a place that is completely free of bacteria or other living microorganisms


    The laboratory must maintain a sterile environment to avoid contamination.

  • a set of practices used in medical procedures to prevent contamination by bacteria or other living microorganisms


    The nurse followed sterile technique when inserting the catheter.

  • offspring that are unable to reproduce due to genetic abnormalities or other factors


    The genetically modified plants produced sterile offspring.

Origins of sterile

from Latin 'sterilis', meaning 'barren'


Summary: sterile in Brief

The adjective 'sterile' [ˈstɛrəl, -aɪl] has three main meanings. First, it refers to something that is free from bacteria or other living microorganisms, such as surgical instruments or a laboratory environment. Second, it describes a person or animal that is not able to produce children or young. Third, it can describe something that is lacking creativity or vitality, such as a meeting or an artist's work.