barren Definition

  • 1unable to produce plants or fruit; not able to have children
  • 2lacking in something important or useful

Using barren: Examples

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  • Example

    The barren land was unsuitable for farming.

  • Example

    She was unable to conceive due to her barren condition.

  • Example

    The report was barren of any useful information.

  • Example

    His mind was barren of ideas.

barren Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with barren

  • a desolate and unproductive area of land


    The movie depicted a barren wasteland where nothing could grow.

  • a period of time when little or no progress is made


    The company experienced several barren years before finally turning a profit.

  • a hope that is unlikely to be fulfilled


    He clung to a barren hope that she would return to him someday.


Summary: barren in Brief

The term 'barren' [ˈbærən] refers to a lack of productivity, fertility, or usefulness. It can describe land that cannot support plant life, or a person who is unable to have children. The word also extends to situations that are devoid of important or useful information, as in 'The report was barren of any useful information.'