desolate Definition

  • 1feeling or showing great unhappiness or loneliness
  • 2barren or laid waste; devastated
  • 3having no inhabitants; deserted

Using desolate: Examples

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    The desolate landscape stretched out before us.

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    After the war, the city was left desolate and in ruins.

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    She felt desolate and alone after her husband's death.

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    The abandoned house looked desolate and eerie.

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    The once-thriving town is now desolate and empty.

desolate Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for desolate

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Phrases with desolate

  • a feeling of despair or loss of hope


    He was filled with a desolate hope that things would get better.

  • an area of land that is barren and uninhabitable


    The desert was a desolate wasteland, with no signs of life for miles around.

  • a location that is empty and devoid of life or activity


    The old factory was a desolate place, with broken windows and rusted machinery.

Origins of desolate

from Latin 'desolatus', meaning 'abandoned'


Summary: desolate in Brief

The term 'desolate' [ˈdɛsələt] describes a state of great unhappiness or loneliness, as well as a landscape that is barren or devastated. It can also refer to a place that has no inhabitants. Examples include 'The desolate landscape stretched out before us,' and 'She felt desolate and alone after her husband's death.' Phrases like 'desolate wasteland' and 'desolate place' further illustrate the emptiness and lack of life associated with the term.